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Answer to Employment Promotion

Employment Promotion

Well, I tried to answer, but I don't know what happened seems to have disappeared.

I'll have someone call...we can send you my resume.....I have 25 years experience in the area.

Abraham Goldman
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posted Mar 5, 2002 3:05 PM [EST]

Answer to Physical Harassment -

please call

Dear Harassed Worker:

When you get this e-mail,
please call 1-800-945-9446
and ask for me, Pamela.
I'm a paralegal at the
15-20 minute no-cost interview
of you and forward my notes
to Abraham Goldman and
hopefully get some feedback
for you today. It would
be useful to know a bit
Pamela Anne Lee, Paralegal

posted Dec 5, 2001 10:40 AM [EST]

Answer to Discrimination?

Call for interview.

Dear Julie,

I do most of our client intake interviews. If you would like to set up an interview, please call me a.s.a.p. at 1-800-945-9446.

Thank you.

Pamela Anne Lee, Paralegal

posted Oct 12, 2001 2:21 PM [EST]

Answer to fired for false accusation

false accusation

Dear Tony:

A raw deal, to be sure. An a set up to boot!

It's a bit of a thorny scenario, but there could very well be a case of slander and racial discrimination here. "racial profiling" doesn't just happen in traffic violations, and you could have been singled out because of your race. As you know, it happens all over. If this can be proven, you have a good discrimination claim.

Also, if they said to anyone, coworkers included, that you were a thief, this would be a good case of slander. Especially if the GM did it and knew al along!

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation. I have 20+ years of experience in this field.

Abraham Goldman
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posted Sep 10, 2001 3:20 PM [EST]

Answer to commission claims

commission claims


There are several parts to this.

Do you have a written contract? This could be quite important to the answer.

Are there sales already made, or for which you are the "procuring cause"? If so, you probable are entitled to the commissions, depending upon what might be in a written contract.

As for the chnage over itself, yes, the boss can probably do that, unless there is something that would prevent it in writing.

Feel free to contact me if you need more help.

Abraham Goldman
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posted Sep 8, 2001 4:54 PM [EST]

Answer to Employer retailiated my responding to a performance memo by terminating my employment.


Dear Raymond

There are many laws that prohibit retaliation if you were complaining that you were being treated differently because of you age and/or race. If this is what prompted your bad review, and you were dumped on for objecting to it, you have a potential case to take to court.

Feel free to call or email and I will send you my practice resume....I have over 20 years experience in this field.

Abraham Goldman
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posted Sep 7, 2001 11:41 AM [EST]

Answer to Gender-biased Discrimination

Gender-based Discrimination

Yes. And yes. And yes again.

The difference in pay is not only discrimination, it may violate an other laws as well: the Equal Pay Act. And the hostility may very well be seen as sexual harrassment, if severe enough...the law prohibits any for of harrassment, not just the overt touching and sexual solicitation issues.

California has extremely good laws in these areas.

If you would like a free consultation and a copy of my practice resume, please call or email anytime to my office...I have practiced in this field over 20 years.

Abraham Goldman
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posted Aug 29, 2001 2:48 PM [EST]

Answer to overtime pay for more than a eight hour day

overtime & commissions

Looks like you are getting ripped off right and left!

What about break time and was that treated?

How many hours per week?

In general, you may have a case, but it depends on the job duties and a lot of other things.

Also, is it just you, or others at your company?

Call or email if you would like an interview.

Abraham Goldman
800 945 9446

posted Aug 18, 2001 5:29 PM [EST]

Answer to Unlawful layoff

Lay Off

You are in a situation that is affecting many many people in the Silicon Valley right now.

How to sort out the valid vs. the illegal motives in the many lay offs going on now.

Generally, the boss can let you go for any reason or no reason, unless there is a written or verbal agreement to the contrary.

Generally, though, they cannot do it for an illegal motive, or one against public policy...even if they could do the same thing with no motive at all!

To crack the nut takes a very detailed understanding of the basic who what when where how of the story: discrimination, retaliation, harassment, whistleblowing, etc.

Also, the overtime issue could be very interesting...were you exempt, or really doing exempt widely spread was this at the company.

By the way, the link to the story did not seem to work.

Please call or email me if you would like a free initial evaluation...I'll also send back my practice resume outlining my 25 years experience.

Abraham Goldman
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posted Aug 1, 2001 2:28 PM [EST]

Answer to Unlawful layoff

Lay Off

posted Aug 1, 2001 2:20 PM [EST]

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