Allen Felahy

Allen Felahy

Bringing the fight to the other side for my clients.

Felahy Employment Lawyers
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About Me:

With over 17 years of experience and a new firm backing me up, I have the resources and experience to win your case. With a savvy, aggressive style of litigation my firm, Felahy Employment Lawyers, can help you regain control of your life and career. We specialize in plaintiff's work and taking employment cases to trial, with average compensation and awards well into the six figure range. We take most cases on a fee contingent basis, so we don't get paid until you get the compensation you deserve. We specialize in wrongful termination, whistleblower protection, race, age, and gender or gender expression based discrimination, wage theft, unpaid overtime, and workplace intimidation and retaliation. There's no need to feel like a victim, visit our website to request a free consultation today.