Jonathan Nirenberg

Jonathan Nirenberg

Dedicated to Enforcing Employee Rights

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About Me:

Dedicated to Enforcing Employee Rights

Jonathan Nirenberg has dedicated his career to representing employees in discrimination and employment cases in New York and New Jersey since he graduated from Cornell Law School.

Appellate Experience

Mr. Nirenberg has extensive experience in writing and arguing appeals and has participated in several recent landmark decisions, including Zive v. Stanley Roberts, Inc. and Myers v. AT&T, two disability discrimination case which made it easier for New Jersey employees to have their discrimination cases resolved by juries, as well as Padilla v. Berkeley Educational Services of New Jersey, Inc., Brennan v. Norton and Muller v. Exxon Research and Engineering.

Employment Law Publications

Mr. Nirenberg is the author of the articles including When Does the Employer Have the Burden of Proof? (New Jersey Law Journal, March 17, 2008), Are Some Employees Entitled to More than 12 Weeks of Pregnancy Leave Under State and Federal Law (New Jersey Labor and Employment Law Quarterly, Spring 2002) and When Is an Employer's Failure to Provide Notice of FMLA Rights or Designate FMLA Leave Actionable? (New Jersey Law Journal, March 29, 2004).

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