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Answer to 2 Weeks Notice - company terminated me

These facts entitle you to unemployment benefits.
You also might be entilted to the commissions depending on the language of the commission plan.
Whether or not it is "legal", that is whether or not it gives rise to a wrongful termination suit, depends on other things, including whether or not the reason they let you go was an illegal reason. Contact an experienced employment attorney for more advice.

posted Feb 4, 2011 10:07 AM [EST]

Answer to how can i appeal a wilful misconduct decision?

If your outburst was not wilful, meaning premeditated, and instead was simply done in the heat of the moment, you may be able to reverse this decision on appeal.

posted Jul 9, 2010 06:12 AM [EST]

Answer to severance

In Connecticut, the period that you receive severance pay, in your case, 3 days, will not delay the commencement of unemployment benefits if you had to sign a release of claims in order to get the severance pay. The Unemployment Department simply wants to know if you had to sign such a Release. If you did, provide a copy of it. If you didn't, then your unemployment benefits won't begin until your severance period is over.

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