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Answer to If a employee in the state of Texas, still in their 90 day probation period is a no call no show, can the employer revert their final paycheck to minimum wage?

The answer to the question does not depend upon how long the employee has worked there (probationary) or upon how the employee left (no call no show). What was the agreement for the hours already worked? That is the rate. You may change the rate for future work, not for past work.

posted Jan 5, 2018 07:48 AM [EST]

Answer to What can I do about clocking out for lunch and possible discrimination?

The Fair Labor Standards Act is long, but provides a lot of information about paying employees for time worked. There are rules that determine what breaks are and are not to be paid. Keep in mind that it is your employer's obligation to keep time records, and your employer may dismiss employees that fail to abide by its policies. On a different note, if you feel that you're a victim of discrimination, then you may make a complaint. Think about it. Evaluate whether you've been damaged by any alleged discrimination. Then, try to get some legal counsel.

posted May 22, 2017 8:52 PM [EST]

Answer to Our employer states if we do not sign out at the end of the day, employees will only be paid until lunch. Legal??

You have a right to be paid for all time worked. Your employer has a right to fire you for failing to abide by policy.

posted May 22, 2017 8:34 PM [EST]

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