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Answer to Due to Covid-19, my employment in PA stopped. UC application was denied.

You should be eligible for an exception for the federal emergency unemployment benefits under the recently passed CARES Act (i.e. Pandemic Unemployment Insurance) which provides $600 per week for up to 4 months. The federal benefits do not appear to have a credit weeks requirement.

posted Mar 30, 2020 06:47 AM [EST]

Answer to My employer told me that I was eligible for a bonus during my first and second interview I relocated from Maryland to Philadelphia with the understanding that I would receive this bonus because I informed them in both interviews that I could not accept th

The answer to your question largely depends on the precise working of the offer letter. The offer letter will need to be clear that you are entitled to the bonus. Second, if there is a discretionary aspect to the bonus it wilt greatly complicate any potential claim.

posted Jul 30, 2019 05:30 AM [EST]

Answer to Can I still collect severance pay if I got a new job

The answer to your question is dependent on what you your Agreement provides regarding this situation. As a general matter, if the Agreement does not provide that severance stops, most probably you should be able to continue the collecting the severance, however, in order to definitely answer the question the Agreement woudl need to be be reviewed by an experienced employment law attorney.

posted Feb 28, 2018 5:52 PM [EST]

Answer to Does a recent e contract supercedes a previous contract that had a relocation reimbursement clause?

A comprehensive review of both contracts is required. You need to arrange a conatinault with an experienced employment law attorney to guide you. Fee free to contact our firm.

posted Jan 12, 2018 11:55 AM [EST]

Answer to My employer contacted me on Monday, 2 days after completing my previous pay period. They laid me off that Monday and reduced my salary pay from $3500 to minimum wage. And sent me a check for $208 for the pay period that I worked prior to being laid off...

An employer can notify an employee that it is changing the rate of pay for future work. However, any employer can not change the rate of pay for work already performed when the employee had no notice that the work would be paid at a lower rate.

posted Nov 3, 2017 05:17 AM [EST]

Answer to I work for a home health care company and only work for one specific client. The client is going to drop this agency I work for and is trying to get all of the nurses to sign with the new agency she has chosen. We all signed a non compete agreement. it sa

It is essential that you retain an attorney an attorney to review the Agreement and advise you and the other employees. Your interests and the present and future possible employer's interests are not the same and you need someone looking out for your interests. For more information on non-compete agreements in Pennsylvania see this link: />
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posted Aug 5, 2016 07:01 AM [EST]

Answer to I quit my job, due to office relocation, travel time. I haven't filed for unemployment, since I didn't think I would get it anyway. However, shortly after leaving, my co. offered me a severance agreement/separation agreement. did they do something wrong,

Your situation raises several issues. First, if the reason you were treated differently than the co-worker is protected by applicable discrimination laws, there could be a cause of action. Second, in situations where an employee resigns from work for a “necessitous and compelling reason”, the employee may be entitled to unemployment compensation benefits. (As substantial change in commuting distance from your home could be a qualifying reason). Third, any proposed Separation Agreement and Release requires you to Release claims in exchange for money, which may or may not be sufficient compensation. You should arrange for a comprehensive in office consultation to review all facts and the Separation Agreement as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact our firm to arrange for the same. For more information about our law see our website: Andrew Abramson

posted Jun 21, 2016 06:35 AM [EST]

Answer to Is alright for my employer to make me stay on maternity although I am ready to go back to work?

As a female who was pregnant, your employer has to treat you the same as any other employee. If other similarly situated employees who were not pregnant, did not take an unpaid leave or are males are being permitted to continue to work, then the employer may be discriminating against you based upon your sex. As to not permitting you to come back to work and not laying you off, if you are able to physically work and there is no job for you, then you may be able to file for unemployment compensation benefits as long as you have worked a sufficient amount of time in the past. Feel free to contact our firm directly if have any further questions.
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