Joseph Tojarieh

Joseph Tojarieh

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About Me:

Stonebrook Law is a labor law firm on the path of justice, and our mission is to defend the rights of workers across California. State and federal laws entitle all employees to fair treatment in the workplace; if those protections are violated, we step in to fight for our clients’ rights. Our history of courtroom wins has resulted in significant monetary compensation for workers who have been cheated or wronged by their bosses, including those who have had their rights to meals and breaks denied and those who have faced harassment for being transgender. No matter where you are or what you need—whether it’s a whistleblower retaliation lawyer in Los Angeles, a discrimination attorney in San Francisco, or a wrongful termination lawyer in Pasadena—our crack team of labor law professionals can help you get the restitution your employer owes you.

We know how tough work can be. Your job is an inseparable and vital part of your life, and success at work translates into stability and happiness outside of the office. That’s why at Stonebrook Law, we primarily focus on doing one job, and doing it really well: protecting your rights in the workplace. By narrowing our focus, our law firm has risen to remarkable excellence when it comes to employment litigation, recognized for our talent by our clients and prestigious legal institutions alike.

Advocating for the working man or woman is what gives our firm its purpose, and maybe that’s why we get so invested in each of our cases. Representing mistreated employees and helping them seek justice is more than just business for us—it’s personal.

The bottom line? You have unalienable rights as an employee, and we have the power, knowledge, and experience you need to defend them. Our history of representation in both state and federal courts have culminated in an undeniable, rock-solid record of success for our aggrieved clientele. Even more importantly, we have the unrivaled client service that helps set the standard for customer care. We commit wholeheartedly to our clients’ causes, and that means being there for them whenever they need us, even if it’s after business hours. Our attorney is always just a phone call away!