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Qualified Privilege Protects Florida Employers from Employee Reference Defamation Suits
An employer is presumed immune from a defamation claim for disclosing untrue information about an employee’s job performance if the untrue information is: 1. Published to a prospective employer; 2. ... applies to Florida

Florida wrongful discharge law
Florida law does not recognize a “wrongful termination” or "wrongful discharge" claim, at least by that name. Florida is an at-will state, which means that an employer may fire, demote, hire, prom... applies to Florida

Florida Whistleblower's Act Protects Employees of the Government and Companies that Contract with Florida Governments
The Florida legislature enacted the Florida whistleblower's Act, Fl. Stat. 112.3187 in 1986 to prevent state and local government agencies ("Agencies,") and the companies that contract with Agencies (... applies to Florida

Florida's Statutory History for Non-Compete Agreements
Florida law governing non-compete agreements has gone through three major variations since 1953. The enforceability of a covenant not to compete under Florida law is governed by the law in effect at t... applies to Florida

Fighting Florida Non-competition agreements
Many Florida employees believe that, just because an employer forced them to sign a non compete agreement or be fired, they are not bound by the non-compete agreement. That is just not true. Continued... applies to Florida

Florida Law for Employer Defamation
Suppose an employer accuses its employee of theft, and fires her for that reason. Suppose the employer then tells prospective employers who call for a reference that the employee was terminated for th... applies to Florida

Family and Care Giver Discrimination, Harassment and Discharge
Family responsibility discrimination is an emerging area of discrimination law. Although no specific law designates a family care giver as a protected class, a number of laws protect people with famil... applies to Florida

Employee Poaching & Non-Compete Agreements
Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in non-compete litigation. This is not anecdotal— it is statistical. State and federal court dockets confirmed that non-compete litigation is... applies to Florida

Choice of Law in Non-compete Cases
Non-compete laws vary significantly from state to state. California law favors employees, while Ohio law recognizes and protects most employer interests. Thus, the law that a court chooses to apply to... applies to All States

The Role of Contracts in Employment Law
Contracts play a central role in employment law. The most basic employment arrangement, at-will employment, is purely contractual in nature. Floyd v. DuBois Soap Co. (1942), 139 Ohio St. 520, 530-531,... applies to All States

What Happens to My Job If I Suffer a Workers Compensation Injury
Enter your article here As many of you may know, a workers compensation injury is one where you have suffered an injury working on the job for your employer. Many employers carry workers compensation ... applies to Florida

What if My Former Employer Says Bad Things About Me?
Enter your article here On many occasions employees ask whether or not they have a legal claim against their former employer or employers for giving bad references or saying bad things about them. The... applies to All States

Florida's Statutory History for Non-Compete Agreements
Non-Compete agreements have gone through three major variations since. Prior to 1953 1953 - 1996 1996 - Present The enforceability of a covenant not to compete under Florida law is governed by the law... applies to Florida

Hard Rock Cafe Servers Claim Illegal Tip Pooling
Enter your article here Well the national chain of Hard Rock Cafe restaurants have recently been hit with a lawsuit under the FLSA complaining about its tip handling procedures. The allegations of the... applies to All States

Can My Employer Terminate or Reprimand Me for Not Speaking English in the Workplace
Enter your article here One of the areas of frequent complaint with employers, especially in areas such as South Florida and California is whether an employer can force an employee to speak only engli... applies to All States

What is a Qui Tam?
Enter your article here SAN FRANCISCO — Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis AG is paying $72.5 million to settle a whistleblower lawsuit accusing it of improperly billing government programs for u... applies to All States

Employee Poaching & Non-Compete Agreements
This is the post related to employee poaching or raiding and non-compete agreements. This discussion addresses the widespread use of non-compete agreements in today’s economy, issues related to cont... applies to Florida

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